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A great smile is a huge advantage for anyone. Having bright white, straight, attractive teeth can make you feel more confident and increase your self-esteem. You might find you are more comfortable in social situations and smile more often in the knowledge that your teeth look great. Photo opportunities may become less stressful as you enjoy your appearance and are less self-conscious. With a smile makeover you can attend a consultation with Over Seas and we can go though any areas for improvement together. Crooked, broken teeth, stains and gaps can be regulated through various dental surgery methods by our expert dental team. You may also like to opt for dental veneers, as part of your smile makeover or as an individual treatment, to align your teeth and give them a bright white appearance that goes beyond the results you can expect with teeth bleaching.

Related Procedures

A smile to your priceless Life

Dental implants are an effective surgical alternative to more traditional smile solutions such as dentures and bridges, and are often a better long-term approach for dental issues. Dental implants are prosthetic devices that are surgically attached to the jawbone, giving patients with missing teeth a permanent solution that avoids the hassle and inconvenience of dentures.
In the past the process of getting dental implants was quite lengthy, taking 3 to 6 months for placement. However, more advanced procedures now allow for same day or immediate load dental implants. This shortens the procedure drastically, and allows people to travel overseas to get dental implants without requiring repeat or lengthy stays. However, many dentists still recommend that patients wait 4 months before the permanent implants are inserted.
Length of the procedure: 15 to 20 minutes per post
Hospital Stay: Dental implants are placed in an outpatient procedure. Recovery before traveling home: Patients seeking dental implants through medical tourism can return home 24 to 48 hours after their procedure in most cases.
Travel Tip: It is best to plan to stay a few days beyond your dental implant procedure. This ensures that care is available to you should a complication arise or rejection of the implant occur.
Procedure Details
The procedure will begin with the administration a local anesthetic. The dentist will begin by preparing the socket of the dental implant, which may involve removing the natural tooth and clearing debris from the bone socket. The socket is then drilled with a bone drill to further prepare for the implant.
Once the socket is prepared the dental implant is placed. The implant is tested with a torque wrench to ensure it can withstand force. Next, and abutment is attached to the implant and an x-ray is done to confirm successful implantation. The procedure is finalized with a temporary crown so the patient does not appear toothless while the permanent crown is being made.
After the Procedure
After your dental implant procedure you are released from care immediately. However, you can expect a certain amount of discomfort in the days immediately following the procedure. Side effects after dental implant placement may include swelling of the gums and face, pain at implant site, bruising of skin and gums and minor bleeding.
Self care after dental implants:

  • Eat only soft foods for 5 to 7 days
  • Take antibiotic to prevent infection
  • No physical activity for 3 days
  • No alcohol, nicotine or tea for 3 days
  • Clean teeth thoroughly and carefully
  • Use dental floss
  • Avoid hot liquids and food for a few days
  • Use ice for swelling and pain
  • Do not push tongue on dental implant for 2 to 4 weeks
In general the placement of dental implants is quite successful. Occasionally, the dental implant fails to fuse with the patient’s bone. When this happens the dental implant must be removed and the procedure can be repeated in a month or two. Patients can increase the success of a dental implant taking by practicing good oral hygiene, keeping all dental appointments and avoiding chewing hard candy, ice and other hard foods that may crack the dental crown.