Emergency Services

Proactive and timely urgent medical response saves lives. Our emergency medical services comprise of highly trained medical staff who specialize in administering ambulance and out of hospital treatment for patients.

Ambulance Pickup

We use a highly optimized response dispatch system that relays requests for ambulance pick up, based on location and degree of emergency. We then dispatch an ambulance out fitted with life support.

Medical Consultancy

Our team of doctors are well endowed with technical expertise. This enables them to understand the root cause of a medical problem and provide diagnostics without the scope of mistreatment.

Cardio Therapy

Our cardiac therapy services have helped hundreds of patients return to the highest level of cardiovascular health, performance, and well-being.


At Overseas Medical Services, we are the living embodiment of a comprehensive solution for all your medical care needs. We are the ideal destination to provide you with world class diagnostics, treatment and medical history analysis. Providing reliable services and treatment with a great balance of cost effectiveness and cutting edge technology is our forte. This has been possible only with the dedicated hard work and the relentless commitment of the professionals who are a part of the industry.

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What makes us BEST?


Our doctors have decades of experience and specialization in their area of expertise.


We assure excellence in service with all our medical procedures for our patients by focussing on the adoption of industry standard


Medical tourism in India is a developing concept whereby people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs.


We closely follow advancements in the world of medical sciences to bring the latest medical devices with technological breakthroughs into our service cycle.

What we Offer to our Patients


Over treatment plans for cancer treatment feature a systematic approach to designing the prognosis and delivery of medical care.


We bring to you high quality and low cost surgical procedures with a high success rates.

Dental Surgery

We adopt the latest techniques in dental surgery and care to give our patients a wide and a beautiful smile.

Gamma Knife Surgery

We treat patients with Parkinson's, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Tremors with our non invasive gamma knife surgery procedure

General Surgery

We partner with some of the best hospitals in India, Hongkong and Singapore to provide our patients the benefits of the latest surgical procedures

Organ Transplant

We are the ideal avenue to treat patients that need organ transplants and the intensive rehabilitation that is required after a successful transplant procedure

Orthopadic Surgery

From knee replacement to hip resurfacing, our expansive portfolio of Orthopedic treatments is the answer to bone and joints related ailments.

Spine Surgery

We provide our customers with an ideal balance of low cost and high quality surgical procedures for the spine.

Our Esteemed Hospitals